Trying to become a writer!

So after almost 10 years of sending out my 2 Christian romances novels and my general mystery, I have decided that the long never-ending road to nowhere is coming to an end. Yes, my friends, I have decided to try and self publish. I have made this decision after years of wasting money sending out proposals and after many rejection letters. I have decided no more rejections! No more money! And most importantly, no more tears!

I have selected my second novel, “The Unwilling Bride” because it is more suited for Valentine’s Day, being a get married then fall in love kind of story. I thought it better than my first novel, “Unforgiving Ghosts,” that deals with the tragedy of a stillborn child. Not exactly the good feeling kind of book you’d want to read on Valentine’s Day.

So with my book chosen, I went through and edited the whole thing. I have a reviewer lined up, and now am looking for a fresh pair of eyes to re-edit for me. I’ve started to format the first 2 chapters. Hope I’m doing it right. I will be blogging my process until my publication date which is February 12, 2011.

Look forward to documenting the whole thing and hoping to gain some readers and new friends along the way.

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