Harder than it looks!!!!

So, I spent 3 hours searching through photo stocks pictures trying to find the perfect “Unwilling Bride.” Hard to do since all these brides look so happy and litterly glowing with happiness. How do you find a bride that doesn’t want to get married?

After giving up the search for a book cover, I finished formatting my manuscript. Yay! I’m done! I uploaded it to smashwords to see if I have any errors to fix. So far it’s looking good. I just need to get the book cover done.

So, I go over to my neighbor’s house for help. She used to work at a printing shop and knows all about this stuff. After another 5 hour search through brides, we finally found a picture I loved!!! How did I find an uhappy bride? I typed in “unhappy brides.” It cut through the chase of all the happy brides and I found some pictures I liked but none of the woman had red hair, curly hair.

However, the pic I choose had a bride sitting in a wing back chair and the room looks old fashioned. The wedding dress is drapped around her in such a way that you can’t really tell the style of it. That makes it easier since the book is set in the regency era and most of the dresses weren’t fitting the time period. It was perfect except the bride had dark hair, not red. But my wonderful and talented neighbor said she could color in the hair.

Now the only concern I have is the hair is straight, not curly. She can’t do much about that but I don’t think enough of her hair is showing to worry about it. The veil covers most of her hair.

The next day I go to pay for the rights and they upped the price from $40 to $115. Darn!!! Not sure I want to pay that much for my cover. I’m feeling a bit cheated too. Why did istock show I needed 15 credits then 2 days later up it to 70 credits? I’ve already paid the $40 foe 26 credits which should have been enough. I don’t know if they will refund my money.

I’ve been searching through more pics, and I’ve found some that I can use but nothing that captures the emotion of the story like the first one. The tone of the room sets the stage for the time period. The other pics are to modern, although the brides are unhappy!

Oh, what to do?????

Do I want to spend more money for the perfect book cover? Or, settle for a cheaper version?

If you think writing, editing and formatting the book is hard – wait until you have to do the book cover!!! It is much harder than it looks!

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