Book Cover is DONE!!!!

Okay, so I told you how hard it was findng the perfect pic for my book cover. Then, after days, and too many hours to count, I found one I loved. However, when I went to purchase the stock photo they upped the price. Needless to say I was bummed! But needed a cover so I started my search all over again. Would you believe that after hours more of searching, I decided to try my pic one more time. It went through at the original price!! YAY ME!!! Happy I got the bride pic I wanted, but unhappy I wasted several more hours looking.

So I download the pic and send it to my neighbor, Shatize, who is working on the cover. It was totally amazing what she can do. She not only colored the hair red, but added wallpaper and carpet to the room. I felt bad because I didn’t like the combation of wallpaper and carpet as it was too busy for the cover and I felt like the bride got lost. I wanted her to be the focal point. But Shatize took out the paper and carpet. She moved the bride over some and cut out the green door, which was an eyesore in the room. And, then she added a man outside the window, in the distance so he doesn’t look like a peeping Tom. Or, in this case, a peeping Dillon. It looks wonderful!!!!!

I set the cover as my profile pic on Facebook. It’s so beautiful I just keep staring at it. I have uploaded the cover to both Smashwords and Amazon’s Createspace. Now I just have to buy the ISBN number and I’m ready to start selling. I’ve also sent out 6 or 7 requsts to reviewers. 1 has already responded that she’ll read it but she’s swamped and can’t get to it for a few months. Hopefully some others will review it too. Keeping my fingers crossed that the reviews will be good, or dare I dream of them being GREAT!

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