Sold my First copy!

Yay Me!!! I’m so excited that all my hard work has paid off.

My novel “The Unwilling Bride” is now for sale on It can also be downloaded at However, smashwords is still reviewing my title and hasn’t released it to their premium catalouge yet.

I submitted it once and after a few weeks decided to resubmit. They sent an email saying I had too many paragraph returns. I knew the manuscript was flawless but I’d forgotten about the title and copyright pages. I fixed the mistakes and resubmitted again. Six days later I’m still waiting.

It’d be great if I get in, they will send my ebook out to big epublishers like B&N and others. Praying that it will go through soon so the markets will have it by Valentine’s Day.

I sent out an invite to all my Facebook friends. Not sure some of them realize that it’s just to let them know they can download it. I know many of my friends don’t have the ereaders and are waiting for printed copies. I’m hoping to take some of tax refund and hopefully sell enough online that I’ll be able to print out copies soon.

Praying for a good tax refund and for lots of esales!!!

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