Drastic Mistake!!

As my sales slow back to to a trickle, I’m feeling blessed that I’ve sold over 690 copies so far. The only cloud threatening to rain on my happiness is the fact that I had uploaded the wrong version of my book. It all started last month when a reviewer pointed out that I had some formatting errors on the kindle site.

I had trouble getting it fixed. So, a wonderful editor from a small press offered to format it for me. I sent it to her and she formatted it. I then uploaded it and thought everything was fine. After running the free promotion, I started getting reviews that were complaining about errors and grammar problems. Most of the mistakes they mentioned, I knew I’d changed. So, my only two conclusions were: one, they had bought the book before I had it edited. Or, two, I had uploaded an earlier version that contained all the errors.

I finally got brave enough to ask one of the reviewers when they purchased the book. I thanked her for the honest review and explained that I thought I’d accidentally uploaded an earlier version. Knowing when she bought the book would help me determine the problem. She kindly replied back that she’d downloaded it on the 15th, the last day of the free promotion. She also said she hated giving it an unfavorable review and that she hoped I’d get the problems fixed because she loved the storyline. I told her it wasn’t an unfavorable review but an honest one!!

Now, I’ve had 0ver 14,000 downloads of the wrong copy!! I’m heartsick that I could make such a HUGE mistake. I have uploaded another version (hopefully the right one this time.) But how am I going to make it up to the thousands of people who are reading The Unwilling Bride with all the mistakes? How do I make this situation right? And my biggest concern — will my reputation as a professional writer be able to bounce back from this blunder?

Stay tuned for the next chapter of These are the Days of a Writer!!

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