End of the Month Sales!!

As February comes to a close, I’m more than happy about my sales. The Unwilling Bride was downloaded a grand total of 14,489 times with 852 paid copies. I also had it borrowed 129 times. I also sold 14 copies of my mystery novella Death by Broken Heart.

And if my great sales and the number of downloads isn’t enough to be excited, the fact that I may have some hope to help fix my big blunder is truly God’s working.

I emailed Amazon and explained what happened, not really thinking they could do anything, but I’ve learned over the years to ask, all they can do is say “no”. They replied that they’d take a look and if they deemed the version “bad enough” they would send out an email to all the people who downloaded it with a link to the updated version. Now, I’m just praying that they will do this. of course, I don’t know what they will deem as bad!!

So, I’m closing this month on a hopeful note!!

Which I could say the same on a personal note. My dad has been fighting lung cancer for the past year and it looks like he’s nearing the end of his battle. I don’t think it will be more than a few days before he’s in God’s hands. I’m now trusting God with more than just my book sales!!


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