In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb!!

March – in like a lion out like a lamb – As the month opens my sales are are holding strong at 33 sold and 12 borrowed in the first two days. Hoping the lion will stay strong all month and keep the lamb away.

Good sales are helping to ease the pain of losing my dad. I know that sounds weird, but looking at the blessings in my life is what gives me strength. The more sales I make the more I feel Gd working. My self doubt is weakening, exposing the lamb inside, while my courage is strengthening like a lion.

As I think back over my life, I remember how my dad was always dreaming of owning a restaurant, or writing a cookbook. My spirit of creativity and wanting to be an author developed under is quiet presence. My dad had the gentle, meekness of a lamb combined with the persistence of a lion. I’m sad to say his dreams never came true, but in the last few days of his life I had my book to show him that I’ve been working hard to make mine come true. He taught me that lesson well.

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