#3 – Color The Color of the End


My favorite color: the color of money, emeralds and soothing shades of grass and leaves.

But not every color of green is attractive. I’ve never liked the yellowish green of moss covering the rocks and ground, or the puke color of peas my mother overcooked, turning to mush. Of course, diarrhea always runs in awful shades. But this murky green surrounding me now is most assuredly the worst color.

Why is it when a person is dying their last thoughts turn negative? What I wouldn’t give to summon up a beautiful shade of green. To close my eyes and see a field of shamrocks, or the tender buds on a tree.

Alas, I must go to my end with nothing more than this slimy seaweed and murky water surrounding me.

Green! Green! Green!


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