Day #8 – Relaxing

Your memory swirls around my head

mixing and mingling
like the wine in my glass,
coloring my world in a deep, rich red.

The alcohol obstructing the pain in my heart
stopping the memories
with a smooth, pungent taste,
I can pretend that we aren’t so far apart.

Like a bouquet of flowers the scent shall linger
filling my soul
with a softness so quiet and relaxing,
I can almost forget the thorn pricking my finger.

9 thoughts on “Day #8 – Relaxing

      • Maybe you don’t feel this is your best work, but it tugged at my heart as I read it. I’m not a poet either yet I can appreciate great poetry when I read it and your post above invoked feellings within me – isn’t that what poetry is about, telling a story using imagery to invoke feelings in the reader? You achieved all of this beautifully!

        You’re better than you think so don’t put yourself or your work down – I would have been proud to produce a piece like this! I loved it!!!


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