Prompt #14 – Children – Bride To Be


My wedding dress is very special and it’s something I wanted to pass down to my daughter. It’s not the fact that my gown is beautiful with hanging pearls adorning the front, ruffled sleeves, and a full satin skirt that ends in a ruffled cathedral train that makes it so special. It’s the fact that my aunt lovingly stitched it together. Thread by thread, and bead by bead until I had an original one-of-a-kind gown.

Even my husband made a comment on our wedding night about passing it down.

I prayed that someday we’d have a beautiful little girl, who’d wear the dress on her wedding day. I’d help her with all the plans; the music, the flowers and centerpieces.  She’d float down the aisle a vision more beautiful than I ever was.

As I watched my daughter prance around in my gown looking like a princess, I realized she is the fruition of that dream.

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