Prompt # 16 – Different World

Alone as the world is closing in on me

For the world does not understand.

Its comprehension is just too small

For the heartache that is in this land.

Alone as my pain I slowly try to diminish

As the night is faithfully falling.

Not even the moon in all her splendor

Gives an ear to the echoes of my calling.

Alone as the winds start to turn cold

Like the loneliness blowing through my soul.

As I sit here watching the world go on

Life has finally taken its toil.

Alone as not even the sun can penetrate

The pain I have in my heart.

I want the world to just stand still

And feel the emptiness of being apart.

8 thoughts on “Prompt # 16 – Different World

  1. Candy, your descriptions are flawless and yank at the parts of my heart I thought I successfully sealed off. :0( That’s a good thing.

    When will “Unforgiving Ghosts” be published? I’d love to read it.

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