Prompt #17 – Graveyard – Peace After the Storm


Looking across the lush lawn, I notice some yellow and orange mums, their bright cheery colors a strong contrast to the cold, gray stone they surround. In the distance I notice four bushes strategically planted in front of a white fence. The fence and flowers are the only colors that break up the greens of the grass and trees.

In the thick patch of trees, at the edge of the property, I hear the birds, tree frogs, locusts and crickets chirping their songs, lifting their tune in unison to their Creator. I also listen to the happy humming of the bees as they flit around the flowerbed.

The rustling of the leaves, produced by the gentle wind, soothes my soul. Amazed, I watch as the branches dance, stretching their arms toward the sun in a gesture of praise. The large yellow ball brightens the cloudless, blue sky, reaching down with its warm glow, gently caressing my skin.

This inspiring, peaceful day brings a song to my heart and praise to my God. My spirit dances with joy as I delight in another beautiful summer day.  Strange how my feelings differ greatly from the first time I set foot here.

Although it has been seven years, I still remember the bitter wind whipping about, chilling me to the bone. The dreary fog not only settled around the cemetery but also rooted itself deep into my heart. Bitterness and sorrow whirled inside of me like the storm clouds swirling in the sky that day. Rain drops pelted against my face as if nature herself grieved. These physical indications served only to reinforce the misery I felt while burying my baby girl.

As I stood in this very spot saying good-bye to a daughter I never got to know – her life taken away before her tiny body even entered the world – I wondered if there would ever be sunshine, peace or love in my life again.

Thankfully as I sit here all these years later, the pain and sorrow dimmed, I can answer with certainty — yes!

10 thoughts on “Prompt #17 – Graveyard – Peace After the Storm

  1. You painted a vivid picture with your description of place. It is wonderful that you can tap into your emotions as painful as such past memories can be. Nice piece Candy. You’re writing from your heart, which is a pretty rare tallent.

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