Prompt #23 – Cooking – Excerpt from Unforgiving Ghosts


Deloris looked at Steven while taking her seat. “I think Megan should start giving you cooking lessons. You might as well make yourself useful since you’re in there all the time.”

Grant choked on his iced tea. “Steven in the kitchen? He doesn’t know the difference between a spoon and a spatula.”

“Like you do?” Steven said.

“I know my way around the kitchen.”


“I do,” Grant insisted. “I used to cook your mother dinner when we were dating.”

“A lot has changed since the dinosaurs died.” Steven laughed. “It’s been years since you were in the kitchen.”

“Maybe so, but I can cook circles around you.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Are you up to it?”

“You bet I am.” Steven met the challenge head on. “Are you up for some cooking lessons, Megan?”

What? She needed to spend less time with him not more.

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