Prompt #25 – Blue


I stood on the corner of Walnut and Spring – waiting to direct traffic when the 5K started. Tall oak trees lined the street like soldiers standing at attention, guarding the houses. Small green patches of lawn were stitched together by driveways and sidewalks. I heard the quiet singing of crickets and the yapping of a nearby dog. It was such a peaceful day and I felt blessed to be a part of this small town community and a part of this event. I looked into the bright blue sky scattered with fluffy clouds and wondered if Ariana Mae was looking down, smiling as her family organized this fundraiser in her name.

7 thoughts on “Prompt #25 – Blue

    • Thanks Lizzie. I wanted to talk about how the funds were going to a new toddler playground for the park, but used up my word count. This is the second year her parents have organized this 5K in her memory. It’s such a great cause and a great way for her family to remember her.

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