Prompt #29 – Masquerade


Mike got a new iPhone and gave Melly his old iPod. He went up to his room and Melly decided to text him using his iPod number. She told him all kinds of things and said she was outside watching the house. Mike thought it was some kid from school. He crawled out the living room window, trying to sneak up on the prowler, heedless of the rain.

When I finally talked him into the house he yelled at me to get away from windows.

“Why, do you think he has a gun?”


Then Melly texts, “You almost found me.”

Mike grabs the flashlight and goes back out.

Her next text, “I’m over by your neighbors pool.”

I had to stop the prank at this point, it was 1 a.m. and I didn’t want him waking the neighbors.

The masquerade finally ended and Mike’s reaction was priceless!!

5 thoughts on “Prompt #29 – Masquerade

  1. It was funny. I wish I could have put all the things she wrote but she kept it going for an hour or so. Mike threatened to take his iPod back. But she really did owe him, when they were little he was always pulling pranks on her. LOL!!

    • She wrote some stories when she was younger. The problem is she has has dyslexia and writing is hard for her. She’s turning to painting right now, where she can express herself with pictures. But she is always doing something creative!!

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