Last prompt #30 – Winning


I have to say that I am saddened by the end of this blog flash. I have made some new friends and I’ve been happy to take part in this. The prompts helped me to not only write but use my blog more. Thank you Terri Giuliano Long for being brilliant enough to imagine and put this whole hop together.

I had a hard time coming up with something for this prompt. I’ve never been an athlete so I don’t have any sports games, long distance races, or swimming tournaments to brag about. Although I did play on a softball team as a kid – our team never won and I was about the worst player, so I can’t really talk about winning.

I’ve also never been super smart. I don’t have any academic achievements – no debates, science or math competitions to win trophies or ribbons from.

I guess the closest thing I can think about winning is the day I married my husband of 22 years, and the birth of my 3 kids – although I’ve only raised 2 of my kids, I know my daughter is in Heaven and we’ll be reunited someday. I have lived my life trying to serve God and put others first.

I may not have a shelf full of trophies or bunches of ribbons but I have love and that makes me a winner!!

3 thoughts on “Last prompt #30 – Winning

  1. Having love always makes you a winner! Being able to write and share your skills with others makes you a winner too! I’ve really enjoyed your posts and this is a fitting end! xx

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