Foot Soldiers – a piece I wrote after visiting NY in 9 – 11

                                     Foot Soldiers

                                                                By: Candy-Ann Little

It has been nearly three weeks since the planes crashed into the twin towers, but the twisted heap of metal still entombs thousands of people despite the tireless efforts of the crew at ground zero. The billowing pile of ruble has died down to a slow, smoldering ember, and the thick cloud of smoke that hung heavy over the city has evaporated leaving behind only a faint smell of smoke – which I detected as we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The clean up has begun and life in the big city is propelling forward. But the devastation brought on by the terrorists has not been forgotten. The pain and sorrow was etched deep into the faces of people we passed on the sidewalks. I felt the wretchedness and heartache of every soul when I looked in their eyes.

As I stood on the corner of the streets, passing out gospel tracts with other members of my church, it struck me that no one smiled. They took the tracts graciously and continued on their way. My friends and I almost felt guilty about smiling as we handed them a track, but that was our purpose there – to show them how they could find peace and hope even in the mist of tragedy.

The fact that they took the tracks at all is almost a miracle in itself. I have always heard that the people of New York have hard hearts and don’t usually take literature that is passed out on the streets. This grave adversity has softened their hearts and the time is right for the Holy Spirit to sweep across that city.

It was a humbling experience to be used of the Lord in such a great city – I considered myself a foot soldier for the Lord. While our military is sending soldiers over to the Middle East, and preparing to seek justice, I felt like a solider fighting the spiritual battle against Satan himself.

We were armed with only a tiny tract that gave verses of comfort, and our shield of protection came from the Bible. We have the strength to win this battle, because our leader is the Great Almighty, the God of creation. My Lord is bigger than this catastrophe and his love and comfort is sufficient for all.

The devil may have claimed the souls of those nineteen terrorists, and taken the lives of thousands of people. He has shattered countless families and torn apart innumerable hearts. His destruction has spread across this whole nation, reaching into the farthest corners of other countries. But he will not prevail, because wherever Satan treads, the hand of God will be close behind, and his love and mercy will overcome the devastation of the devil every time.

I felt it an honor and a privilege to be fighting in this important spiritual battle. I pray that we would all consider ourselves foot soldiers. To carry on the work of God in our everyday lives, so that every lost soul will come to know his love, and every broken heart feel the healing power that can only come from a loving Creator.

It may have been eleven years since this tragedy struck, but I pray that we will remember the families, friends, and lost ones. Let us never forget that Satan may be near, but God is ever watchful and even closer at hand. My heart and prayers are with all the victims of 2001.

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