Flash Five Friday Prompt – Giving

       This prompt is very dear to my heart, as a Christian I have always lived my life trying to show the love of Christ by giving to others. I’ve always helped out when possible. I find joy and contentment in giving to others.

I have made countless meals for friends who’ve been sick, just had a baby or lost a loved one. My favorite thing in helping people out is baking cakes. It combines my love for baking and the creativity of decorating.

I’m always available to babysit and have helped friends move into a new house. I’ve even been known to wield a paint brush, help decorate and plant flowers.

I can’t even count the number of Tupperware, Pamper Chef, make-up and jewelry parties I have held to help out friends. I’m sure I don’t even want to try and calculate the total sum I’ve spent at these parties. But can you really put a price on a friend’s smile?

My reason for telling you all this isn’t to toot my own horn. I have also had people do things to help me out also. I’ve been on the receiving of giving and know how it feels.

When my daughter was stillborn, members from my church brought me dinner – some of them I didn’t even know. We’d just moved to Michigan about 18 months before and I didn’t know a lot of people of yet. The few close friends I’d made brought desserts to the small dinner we had after the service. Even though I’m not in touch with these people anymore I still cherish the memories of their giving hearts.

I also have awesome neighbors who’ve always been available to help when needed. They helped me set up and cook food for my son’s graduation party.  I’ve used their washing machine and dryer when mine broke or taken showers when our water went out. One of my neighbors’ is the great graphic designer who does my beautiful book covers and doesn’t charge me near what her talent is worth.

You see, giving is a circle and love always comes back around!

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