Blogflash Halloween story – Trick or Treat

                                        Trick or Treat

BlogFlash Halloween (#BlogFlash1031)The dull thud of the ax echoed around the room. The splintering of his skull caused a gush of blood to cover her hands. The muscles in her arms burned, straining to hold the ax. She felt a tightening in her chest which made breathing painful. But she didn’t care. Taking a ragged breath she pulled the ax out, lifted it above her head once more, and brought it down with as much force as she could muster.

The blood splattered all over her pink dress and dotted her blond hair with red speck and streaks. She wiped the last few tears off her cheek, smearing a blood trail across the gentle slope of her cheekbone.      

They were the last tears she’d ever shed over this lump of human garbage.

Fatigue settled into her bones replacing the anger. Leaning against the wall, she tried ignoring the burning in her lungs. She didn’t have the strength to lift the ax anymore. Not that it mattered, he was dead. The blood oozing onto the floor told her as much.

Screaming seeped into her consciousness. She looked across the room and saw the half naked woman pounding on the door. Her raven locks swung across her creamy white shoulders in a tangled mess. The sheet from the bed was loosely wrapped around her body like a ghost. It would have made the perfect Halloween custom had it not been wound around her in haste.

She’d interrupted them during their love making session.

The image of them together, rolling around on the bed flashed through her mind, renewing her anger. Vigor returned overriding the weariness. Standing she started dragging the ax across the wood floor.

The ominous scrapping made the dark haired woman scream even more. She pulled the door handle desperately trying to get out. “Help! Help me!”

“Next time you sleep with someone’s husband maybe you’ll have the sense not to rendezvous in the wife’s old family cabin.” She pulled a skeleton key out of her pocket. “This house has old locks that really do lock you inside.” She slowly advanced.

“Please, please let me go.”

“You wanted to destroy my life.” Resentment ragged and the strength returned to her arms and legs. “You wanted to steal my husband.”

“No.” She shook her head as she backed away. “We were just having some fun.”

“I hope he was worth it.” She was close enough to strike. “He was never worth dying for, at least not with me.” Her wild eyes locked with her rival. “Ten years I put up with his beating me. Belittling me. I listened to his complaining and gripping. And what did I get?” Her exhausted laugh went flat. “He’s out screwing around with you!”  

“Please. I’m sorry.” The wall stopped her. She was wedged in a corner. “Please, I beg you.”Crying she slid onto the floor. “I’m so sorry.”

“Unfortunately that’s not enough.” She lifted the ax above her head. “Trick or Treat.” She brought it down on her head, laughing as blood splattered on her dress, mingling with her husband’s.   

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