Review of Devotion by: Marianne Evans

                                           My Review

This is a beautifully written Christian book and the best I’ve read in a while. Marianne Evans takes you on a journey that is riddled with emotion, love and redemption. From the moment Kellen gives in to temptation to the touching ending, you will be cheering for this couple. You feel Juliet’s heartbreak and disappointment, but watch as God intervenes and works in their lives. It’s a great reminder of how fragile marriage is and how strong your devotion needs to be in order to make it last. This is the must read book of the year!

One thought on “Review of Devotion by: Marianne Evans

  1. Candy, I can’t express how grateful I am for your lovely review, and the spot-on analysis you provide. Your thoughts are just what I hoped and prayed people would take away from the pages of Devotion – and your referral to Devotion being the ‘must read book of the year’ simply blows me away. THANK YOU – and blessings!!

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