April Prompt – Day 4 – Sin

Since this prompt is 4 days after Easter, I’m posting a poem a wrote years ago. *Warning*  I am NOT a poet so read at your own risk!!

Hold On

The time passed ever so quickly

as Jesus grew into a man.

Mary knew deep in her heart

it was time for God’s plan.

Jesus had taught them many things,

but some didn’t like what he said.

They lied and conspired against him

and said they wanted him dead.

As Jesus hung there on the cross

in the hot heat of the day.

Being mocked, bleeding and bruised,

dying to take our sins away.

When Jesus felt like giving up,

his strength was done and gone.

God gently whispered in his ear,

hold on, a little longer, hold on.”

As we go through the trails of life,

we sometimes feel alone.

We forget that God is there

as we complain and moan.

Losing the one you love is hard,

the pain too strong to bear.

We forget the pain Jesus suffered,

as we ask, “God don’t you care.”

He cared as his son hung on the cross,

but it was all part of his plan.

If Jesus hadn’t been willing to die,

we couldn’t get in the Promised Land.

If we quiet our hearts in times of need

and know that God is not gone.

We can hear him gently whisper in our ear,

hold on, a little longer, hold on.”

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