Excerpt – Murder of an Oil Heiress

Coming Nov. 13, 2013

From InknBean Press

He walked to the end of the bed and found a pile of clothes. Picking them up, he found his shirt with a torn black dress. He looked at Mallory, alarm ringing in his head. Had he done this?

She smiled seductively. “Don’t worry about it. I damaged some of your stuff too.”

“This can’t be happening.” He looked around for the rest of his clothes. “Where are my pants?” He found them under the bed. Thrusting a leg into the hole, he lost his balance and almost fell over. He grabbed the bedpost to steady himself.

“Sarah’s going to kill me.” The thought of his sweet, innocent wife knowing what a scumbag he truly was made him feel sicker than the hangover.

“Joseph, quit being such a baby.” Mallory pulled her robe on, tying the belt firmly around her waist, she walked over to him. “Get a hold of yourself.” She slapped him.

“What’s that for?” He yelled.

“You’re getting hysterical. They do that in the movies.”

“This isn’t a movie. It’s my life.”

“It’s my life too.”

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