Review – Murder Of An Oil Heiress

Murder of an Oil Heiress – Coming November 2013  from Inknbean Press

Review by Wendy Jones – Bookaholics


And so on to the murder mystery. This is not released until later in the year but I was fortunate to be given an advance copy. As a mystery this book works well but it is the characterisation where this book really comes in to play. The characters are extremely well written and every aspect of the way in which humans behave can be seen in this book. I felt I could picture each character perfectly and one of them is the most loathsome I have ever come across in a book. I felt like killing them myself. The way the characters interact was also well drawn. I also enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of the book and the way in which it could have been any of the characters who could have committed the murder. The ending has a surprise twists which adds well to the overall plot of the book. This is not an on the edge of your seat type mystery but one which is enjoyable. It is not long but definitely well worth reading. 

At the beginning of the book there is a scene which is adult rated. However this is completely in context and sets the scene for the subsequent events.
So grab yourself one of Candy’s books and find yourself a new author today. In the meantime I’m off to  spend some time writing my own book. I will see you all soon with another great read.

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