Wednesday Writings & Words

It’s been a long time since I’ve used my blog. As life got hetic I ran out of time. However, I need to start writing in it again, but I am not a very good blogger. I can never seem to write witty, informative posts. But I guess I won’t get any better at it if I don’t try. So I’m using Wednesdays for my Writing & Words articles.

On Wednesdays I will talk about writing, post interviews with other authors, share new releases or book reviews, maybe just chat about books. I’m so happy to get back to my first love – Writing!!

On Fridays I have decided to donate space to my other great love – Food. On Foodish Fridays I will share some of my favorite recipes along with some from my family and friends. I love trying new foods, and since I never get to travel, I enjoy making foods from other countries. I hope you will join me for a trip around the world.

Now, I hope you enjoy this interview from May Woodworth.

Author of the non fiction novel, Sticky Girls. 10985549_859556524096494_7765444233781252818_n

1. What genre do you write in and why?

I write in many genres, but to date, I have been published in Romance, Young Adult, and Non-Fiction. Current books in the works are Non-Fiction and Romance. I need to get to several children’s books I have in progress, but the timing just hasn’t been right. My goal is to release two books yearly, so eventually that will happen.

2. What are your fondest memories of reading or writing?

I do not necessarily have fond memories of writing. As a teenager, I wrote painful poetry, or short stories about heartache. Reading memories, on the other hand, are abundant. I was (still am) a huge library rat. I used to carry so many books home as a child I had a friend direct me over curbs and crossing streets. A cool recent happening was the librarian who issued me my first library card as a child, issued me a new one when I returned to my hometown as an adult.

3. What are some of your favorite authors and books?

I read a lot more fiction before I began writing five years ago. My fiction ‘to read’ list is huge! Along with millions of other people, I am a huge Stephen King fan. I seem to find more time for ‘how to’, self –help, and spiritual books. I think that has to do with the big growth/ change process I have been going through.

4. If you could describe what writing means to you, how would you do so?

For me, writing is not an act, it is a state of mind. It brings me peace and tranquility. The only other experiences which provide that for me is power walking, sex, and meditation. All of them natural so I’m happy about that.

5. What is your favorite snack & drink while writing?

Peanut butter & apples & coffee!

6. Which book was the least successful adaptation into a movie? Why?

That’s a weird question for me because I think that ANY book adapted into a movie is good. I mean really, the author wins either way. Either people say the movie was just as good as the book, or the book was better. I think the book always comes out on top, while the movie is critiqued. Best publicity ever.

7. Write your favorite quote and explain why you picked it?

“Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light, don’t give in without a fight.” Pink Floyd Those lyrics are a slice of the song “Hey You.” For me, that song represents the very dark places people can go, in their mind, and the fight to stay alive, and in the light. That quote reminds me that there is always something to fight for.

8. Any other things you’d like to share? This would be a good place to mention other works and share your buy links.

As an author, I ask that my readers please leave a review, drop me an email, like my author page, etc… As a human being I ask my fellow humans to spread love. This world can be crazy, spreading a little love online and offline is not just nice, it’s needed to shed more light, and lessen those deep dark scary corners of this planet. Peace, May

It was a pleasure learning more about you and your work. Thanks once again for joining us!!


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