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On this week's Wednesday, Writing & Words post I'm interviewing author Jeremy Breitenbach and we're learning about his debute novel, The Gateway.

jeremys book On the morning of Monday March 3, 2059 in a laboratory located on the University of Chicago campus in Chicago, Illinois, world renowned physicist, 38-year-old Dr. Richard Caulman and his colleagues Dr. Lawrence Jones and Dr. Jonathan Reynolds are about to initiate the inaugural test of Dr. Caulman's revolutionary dimensional gateway. Dr. Caulman believes that if his gateway works properly it will revolutionize the way people travel and eliminating the need for any kind of transportation

Upon initiating the gateway, Dr. Reynolds realizes that they didn't instruct the gateway to open in California, which was their intention. Unfortunately for Dr. Caulman, the gateway has opened on another planet located in another dimension.

Before Dr. Caulman is able to close the gateway, six humanoids accompanied by six creatures emerge from the other side. What do these humanoids and creatures have in store for the inhabitants of the Earth? Can Dr. Caulman stop whatever it is that they have planned? And will he also be able to protect his wife, Jennifer, and children, Richie and Beth, from the alien threat?

After the humanoids return and reveal their plans for the inhabitants of the Earth, will Dr. Caulman and the other government officials that become involved in defending the planet be
able to kill the humanoids and save the planet?


1. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jeremy Breitenbach. I am legally blind with cerebral palsy. I use Braille. I've been writing since I was 15. I started out with writing original stories based off of
The Legend of Zelda and original stories based off a '90's cartoon I love called Adventures
of Sonic the Hedgehog, but in the years since I stopped writing the Adventures of Sonic the
Hedgehog stories, but still continued to write The Legend of Zelda stories. I evetually
created an original series based on The Legend of Zelda consisting of 3 books so far. I also began writing my own original stories based on the anime Dragon Ball Z (which I'm a HUGE fan of); so far writing 3 original Dragon Ball Z stories. In 2009, I started writing my first real book; a book for adults entitled The Gateway
finishing it in 2011. While writing that I began writing children's books. I've written four (so far). Those books being: The Abduction of Benjamin Williams, My Dog George, Tim's Story (which I am still working on), and Lost in Wisconsin. I also wrote a how-to book entitled
How To Read and Write Braille. In 2014, I came across Author Ronnie C. Dawson, CEO and
founder of Broken Bars Publishing and told him about myself and all 6 of my books. I
e-mailed him The Gateway, and long story short I published it through them. It's available on Broken Bars Publishing's website, Amazon in paperback and Kindle, and Barns and Noble's
website for Nook. Here's what all 6 of my books are about - How To Read and Write Braille:
details how to read and write Braille, The Gateway: a physicist opens a gateway on a planet within another dimension which leads to an alien invasion; violence and strong language, The Abduction of Benjamin Williams: a family gets betrayed by a neighbor they thought they could trust, My Dog George: a boy's dog runs away, Tim's Story: A boy becomes an orphan after his parents are killed in a tragic car crash. (None of the characters in this book are based on actual people. The basis for this book was inspired by the story told in Contemporary Christian Music artist Steven Curtis Chapman's song "When Love Takes You In", and Tim's red hair was inspired by the hair color of the orphan boy in Steven Curtis Chapman's song "All I Really Want".), and Lost in Wisconsin: a boy gets separated from his parents while they are going on vacation, and due to his dyslexia boards the wrong plane. Excerpts from all 6 of these books can be found under the "Notes" tab of both my official Facebook page and my personal timeline (for those that wish to "Follow" me). Here's what the books in my original The Legend of Zelda series are about - The Hyrulean Civil War: The Saga of King Link, Book 1 (a civil war breaks out in Hyrule), The Rezlorian Empire: The Saga of King Link, Book 2 (an emperor wants to conquer Hyrule), and The Great Moblin Invasion: The Saga of King Link, Book 3 (the King of the Moblins plans to invade the Upper World). Here's what my Dragon Ball Z original stories are about - The Return of King Piccolo (King Piccolo returns to Earth to seek revenge on Goku), Turles' Revenge (Several years after his defeat, Turles escapes from Hell in another attempt at taking over the Earth), and The Return of Garlic Jr. (The shattering of dimensions caused by Janemba destroys the barrier which separates the Dead Zone from Earth's dimension once again releasing Garlic Jr). Excerpts from The Legend of Zelda original series and my original Dragon Ball Z stories can only be found under the "Notes" tab of my personal timeline. (They will not be put into Notes on my official Facebook page. So if you are interested in reading any of these particular stories feel free to "Follow" me.)
Are you married? No. Any kids? No.

Where do you live? Cincinnati, Ohio.
2. What genre do youwrite?
For me, it varies but mostly sci-fi, horoor (for adults) and various (for children).

Why do you like that particular type of story?
I like horror because of Stephen King. He's my inspiration and my favorite author. And his books can be really engaging.
3. What are yourfondest memories of writing or reading?
When I first began writing at fifteen. And for reading when I first read To Kill a Mockingbird. 4. What are some of your favorite authors and books?
My favorite author is Stephen King. Some of my favorite books are: IT, The Shining, Doctor Sleep, Under the Dome, Cell, 11/22/63, The Stand, Cujo, Carrie, various short stories by Stephen King, To Kill a Mockingbird, and many other titles.
5. If you could describe what writing means to you, how would you do so?
It means a lot to me. I've just found a lot of enjoyment out of writing.
6. What is your favorite snack & drink while reading/writing? I don't eat or drink anything while I write.
7. Which book do you think was best adapted into a movie? Well, it's more of a miniseries, but my answer is The Stand and also The Shining miniseriesddWhy? Because both of them followed their respective books extremely well.
8. Which book was the least successful adaptation into a movie?
The original movie of The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick. Why? Because it did a poor job in following the book. But it still is a good movie regardless.
9. Write your favorite quote and explain why you picked it? "For we live by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7 I chose it because it's always been one of my favorite quotes of all time.
10. Anyother things you'd like to share?
Once I publish my next book, Tim's Story (which I'm still working on) I'd like to use the sale of it to benefit Show Hope. Show Hope is the organization Contemporary Christian Music artist, Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth Chapman started in 2004. Show Hope helps assist families in adopting as well as helping care for and find families for orphans all over the world.

ble to kill the humanoids and save the planet? ...



Jeremy Breitenbach, advocate, now author, is a resident of Cincinnati OH, where he was also born and raised. He has overcome several struggles including a premature birth from which he was not expected to survive, to being legally blind and living with Cerebral Palsy.

His first book, "The Gateway" introduces readers to Chicago, IL in 2059, and Dr. Richard Caulman, a physicist who aims to revolutionize transportation. Instead his creation leads to an alien invasion which puts the entire world in danger. See how the story unfolds as Author Jeremy Breitenbach gives you, "The Gateway".


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