img_8984 Welcome to my life!! Grab a seat and your favorite drink, sit, relax and take a moment to soak in life. It seems we are always rushing now days, but don’t forget to enjoy it. Even if it’s something as small as having a cup a tea or coffee, maybe indulging with a glass of wine. Watching the sun set, reading your favorite book, or enjoying a fantistic dinner with family and friends. It is all the little things that can bring inspiration to our lives. I hope that as you take a few minutes to peruse my site and books that you will find a little inspitation.

As an author I want to inspire my readers. To make them feel all the emotions of life.  I try to paint scenes with my words, and deal with life issues. Whether you are rooting for a couple to have their happily ever after, or just waiting for someone to kill that evil character, you are feeling something.  If, by the end of reading my books, you  have felt love, joy, anger, annoyance, guilt, maybe even faith, then I’ve done my job. If I have made you laugh, cry or even sccream and throw the book across the room, you have felt the emotions of life. Whether good or bad, we all face the same issues. I can only hope that  by reading what my characters go through, you will find inspiration in your own life.

Take a look at the About Me to learn about how I became a writer. You can also find out more about the books I write in My Books section. And, of course, you can find the links to where my books are sold. The News and Media page will talk about up and coming events, speaking engagments and other informative information.  It also contains a press kit for media outlets. The Book Signing section also has photos.

I always love hearing from my fans so don’t be shy about contacting me. You can follow in on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads.




Some pictures of my wedding. Wondering where the time went?








My husband and I now. Boy have we cahnged!!




My beautiful kids. I can’t believe how fast they grew up. I’ve been blessed with the 2 best kids in the world and I’m so proud of both of them!!




The queen of selfies!!

Being silly!!


Senior Prom


My daughter and exchange students at senior banquet.


High school graduation. So proud of all 3 of my girls!!



What a goofball!!


My son ready for prom.


High school graduation. So proud of him!!



Off to college.


14 thoughts on “Home

  1. I read your guestblog on TJ’s Author Central. Would love to read a copy of your new book Unforgiving Ghosts. I love to read! Thanks.

  2. Hi Candy Ann
    II just finished Unforgiving ghosts and posted my reviews. Because I’m in Canada, my Amazon review will be on amazon.ca
    I loved the book. I especially like how you put the Gospel message into the book and did not become “preachy”. Showing the family living a Christian lifestyle will do more to promote Christianity than a sermon ever would;

    • Thanks so much Jan!! My goal is to show the Christian faith without being preachy. You are so right that actions can be a better way to say what Christians are.

  3. Candy you are still as beautiful as ever both inside and out. You were the BEST pew-pal anyone could of ever had at church. Our giggles and notes and making Pastor Ray shake his head at us…the kids clubs..nursery…. but whether at church or home you kept it real and helped me grow. I will never forget how glamorous you looked on a Sunday morning and all those beautiful (Princess Di) hats you wore. What a lady…. So rare …..and your love for the Lord very genuine. I love you and miss you lots. Regret I never kept in touch after the divorce but I do cherish the memories.

    • Hey girl!!! Thank you so much for the kind words. I have missed you so much. We had so much fun. I missed our talks and your laughter. Now I live in Kentucky and we are so far apart. Maybe someday we can visit.

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